Summer 2021 Core Revision for GCSE/KS3

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It's been a tough year. Despite trying hard maybe you have a few issues with some core science concepts. You want a brief refresher course over the summer - nothing too intense so you have the summer break yet enough to get you up to speed. We've got you covered. WhatsApp +44 7711048628 for further details.

You struggled to learn online

You're not alone

COVID-19 took it's toll on the country and it took it's toll on education. Despite online learning, many students are struggling to get to grips with the stuff they learned online.

Sometimes there were just no lessons, or the teacher couldn't convey the concepts across properly. Maybe you had other problems that affected your ability to learn.

Yet you still need to know this stuff.

Unless we hear otherwise the next year of education will be back to normal.

The exams will be at the usual rigorous standard.

You want to get the grades for your future ambitions, but remember you're competing against elite school students who have had premium online classroom experiences. The playing field is not level.

Introducing Summer Core Revision Classes

Your summer is six weeks long and you want to enjoy it. Yet at the same time you need to get up to speed with physics, chemistry and/or biology quickly and with minimum fuss.

Science@Labkitchen specialises in GCSE and KS3 science studies only - nothing else. We know the core concepts you need to provide a framework so that you can succeed in your next year at school. We won't cover everything remember - just the topics students find hardest and which need to be known so that you can do well.

Sign me up!

Sometimes you just have to dare if you want to reach great heights.

Yes it's true. Your IQ drops by about 10 points over the summer. Why?

Imagine a footballer who sits on a couch watching YouTube for 6 weeks is then asked to play a game - what sort of shape do you think he'll be in?

Or a boxer who goes to dessert bars every night for a month and a half without training.

Not too different with a student. Use it or lose it. Keep up the momentum you've worked hard to achieve over the year. Just a few hours a week is all it takes. 

And you can still have your summer!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Each week a new set of notes and quizzes will appear covering the main topics of that week.

60 minute classes/ 90 minute classes

For GCSE Core Science Courses, Physics, chemistry and biology is taught in 60 minute blocks. One hour a week on each subject to ensure you get an indepth understanding. For KS3 Core Science Courses once a week at 1.5 hours is offered with 30 minutes for physics, chemistry and biology.

Straight to the point

You are taught what you need, and taught this very well. Every minute counts in this course!

Short Assessments

Weekly assessments designed to emphasise the main points, nothing more.

Real Life View

Science understood through life experiences is dynamic and strongly rooted, giving solid foundations.

Here’s what people are saying about science@labkitchen

S Naqvi

5 Star Google Review

Aug 2019


Excellent service. Mr Talha is an amazing teacher, well prepared, who makes lessons enjoyable, always full of energy and ready to help. Thank you

M Shahbaz

5 Star Google Review

Aug 2019


My son just completed his GCSE and with the help of Mr Arooz he did amazing on all his triple science subjects. Thank you! Highly recommend!

M Sadat

5 Star Google Review

Aug 2019

"100% Recommend"

I am so please to announce that my daughter completed her GCSE with the help of Mr Talha and she did amazing with A* in chemistry & physics. I really appreciate and thankful for your help and support. I 100% recommend to everyone and I am sure you will not regret this great opportunity with Mr Talha.

About The Course Teacher,

Taught by a tutor with 25 years science experience in university reseearch labs and up to 2000+ hours teaching GCSE Science

He enjoys teaching students and making them enthusiastic about science. Using real life examples and a conversational approach students are engaged to help them “live” science rather than simply reading about it. Students gain confidence to discuss ideas, feel empowered in their own education and gain new perspectives well beyond the classroom. It's quite often students remark at how simply a concept has been explained to them in 2 minutes that they couldn't understand in an hour in a school setting!

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Call Me Abz

5 Star Google Review

Aug 2019

"Very Helpful"

Very helpful and open to go through any topics that you may need more help/ support on. Very patient and kind with the children. Highly recommend.

Leroy Sara

5 Star Google Review
Aug 2019

"Excellent Teacher"

Excellent teacher. My son comes from France on year 11 and in one year the teacher help him to catch 3 years of Science and help him to reach a good grade in Science ( 6). The teacher is patient, professional and know how do with the students. I recommand him.

A Kelay

5 Star Google Review
Aug 2019

"He will not give up on you"

He is very patient and understanding, he will not give up on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this a complete course suitable for homeschooled students?

Can you guarantee a good grade?

How long have you been teaching?

Are you a qualified teacher?

Are you DBS certified?

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