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Entry for Sep 2021 for International students 

sitting the Edexcel IGCSE in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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Often science lessons are dull dry and tedious.

Who cares about a mole?

I'd be asleep on the table in 5 minutes

Ideas that really have no relevance in your life. Moles, velocity and beta radiation are about as useful as a squashed pea in your pencil case. 

Ok maybe that's an exaggeration and this stuff is mildly interesting. But the teacher DRONES on about it. And then they set homework that has no relevance to what you learned in that class!

Can anyone blame if you fed your science homework to your dog?

After a few weeks of this, with experiments which make you wonder why you did them.... the teacher then decides to set you a test!

Now they're asking questions you have no idea about. The questions look interesting though, and you wish you were clever enough to t answer them.

There goes those medical or vet school ambitions.....

Introducing Excite! GCSE Science Lessons

In the Excite! GCSE Science course we keep things simple. One concept is introduced at a time, and every single time it's linked to something in real life. You don't have to guess why this is useful - we tell you because you deserve to know. The ideas are slowly built up step by step and you'll know you're going in that direction. I teach live with slides and the occasional scribbles if you have questions. 40 minutes each of physics, chemistry and then biology. At the end of it you get a quick to-the-point quiz on exactly what you learned. This course is meant to supplement your existing classes or self study so you get more out of it and really shine amongst your peers.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up you will have access a Google Classroom with your peers. Each week a new set of notes and quizzes will appear covering the main topics of that week. 

60 minute classes

Physics, chemistry and biology is taught in 60 minute blocks. One hour a day on each subject to ensure you get an indepth understanding. We also offer a 2 hour block of classes with 40 mins of physics chemistry and biology back to back

Straight to the point

You are taught what you need, and taught this very well. Every minute counts in this course!

Short Assessments

Weekly assessments designed to emphasise the main points, nothing more.

Real Life View

Science understood through life experiences is dynamic and strongly rooted, giving solid foundations.

Here’s what people are saying about science@labkitchen

S Naqvi

5 Star Google Review

Aug 2019


Excellent service. Mr Talha is an amazing teacher, well prepared, who makes lessons enjoyable, always full of energy and ready to help. Thank you

M Shahbaz

5 Star Google Review

Aug 2019


My son just completed his GCSE and with the help of Mr Arooz he did amazing on all his triple science subjects. Thank you! Highly recommend!

M Sadat

5 Star Google Review

Aug 2019

"100% Recommend"

I am so please to announce that my daughter completed her GCSE with the help of Mr Talha and she did amazing with A* in chemistry & physics. I really appreciate and thankful for your help and support. I 100% recommend to everyone and I am sure you will not regret this great opportunity with Mr Talha.

Here's a taste of what to expect for the 2 hour block class format


Module 1: Energy, Atoms and Cells

Learn the foundations of physics, chemistry and biology


Module 2: Heat, Electronic Structure and Microscopy

Here we carry on from the foundations and build upon them with an extension of energy into heat energy, looking at the atom from the view of electronic structure, and studying how we study cells!


Module 3: Renewable Energy, Groups 1/7/8 and Diffusion/Osmosis/Active Transport

Energy as applied to society and the environment is explored, the concepts of groups in chemistry is looked at, and the foundations of movement of molecules in biology is discussed

About The Course Teacher,

Taught by a tutor with 25 years science experience in university reseearch labs and up to 2000+ hours teaching GCSE Science

He enjoys teaching students and making them enthusiastic about science. Using real life examples and a conversational approach students are engaged to help them “live” science rather than simply reading about it. Students gain confidence to discuss ideas, feel empowered in their own education and gain new perspectives well beyond the classroom. It's quite often students remark at how simply a concept has been explained to them in 2 minutes that they couldn't understand in an hour in a school setting!

Change a Life

There are few good science education options for secondary school students. There are gimmicky websites offering videos, Adobe Photoshopped and animated. There are YouTube videos which do a pretty decent job of explaining the main ideas.

This can never replace human experience. 

The cost of a science degree education is well over £50,000 nowadays. To get an experienced scientific researcher is very costly to society indeed!

Learning from a person who has memorised a book can never be the same as learning from someone who lived the book. The course is modestly priced, and in return valuable perspectives and ways of thinking that no book can ever impart and gained through real life experiences are passed onto students. 


30 weeks of a IGCSE Science (9-1) Core Concepts Course 

  • 2 hours a week covering all three sciences (40 mins each)
  • NEW! Sept 2021 1 hour a week covering either physics, biology or chemistry for a more indepth experience
  • Each Week Receive Lecture Notes and Quizzes
  • Learn in a fun and interactive environment
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  • 30 minute private coaching call

Almost nobody cancels.

But you can cancel anytime.

We understand things happen in life, so we're flexible. 

Your commitment only extends on a package basis. If you are unable to continue for whatever reason, you can cancel your plan.

If you choose to come back on, you can sign up again and continue the class. 

Any questions? Just ask.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Call Me Abz

5 Star Google Review

Aug 2019

"Very Helpful"

Very helpful and open to go through any topics that you may need more help/ support on. Very patient and kind with the children. Highly recommend.

Leroy Sara

5 Star Google Review
Aug 2019

"Excellent Teacher"

Excellent teacher. My son comes from France on year 11 and in one year the teacher help him to catch 3 years of Science and help him to reach a good grade in Science ( 6). The teacher is patient, professional and know how do with the students. I recommand him.

A Kelay

5 Star Google Review
Aug 2019

"He will not give up on you"

He is very patient and understanding, he will not give up on you.

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