L. Shahbaz


My son has been attending the online classes for over two months now. He enjoys them and looks forward to his lessons. Lessons are detailed, well explained, friendly and very interactive. Kids feel comfortable enough to ask questions and their feedback is always welcomed. Best tution from the comfort of your own home!


Umm Safa


” We have been very happy with the tuition received. It is tailored to suit the specific learning styles of each of our two children. They find the lessons engaging and very clear and easy to understand. We hope to continue during the summer break too in sha Allah ”




Talha helped tutor me through my science courses during a short period of time he had a very unique way of teaching, firstly he would teach the bases of the specific topic and then relate it to an everyday event which made it much clear and easier to understand whilst always making it funny in between he is also a very welcoming man and see him more as a friend than a tutor which made it much easier to learn I wish him all the best with current and future students


Umm Asiya


Talhas science classes consists of chemistry, biology and physics. My 14 and 12 year old daughters are being prepared for their GCSEs and through this class they experience beyond efficient teaching. Talha makes sure that the girls understand the topic before moving on. He provides excellent teaching methods adapting to everyone’s mixed abilities. My girls feel very confident whilst doing science on their own due to the support Talha has provided.


One to One Tutoring

This is a premium option to allow intense coaching of a student to bring them up to speed efficiently. I offer both one to one in person and online for those who cannot travel.

Expert in Science

I bring in my scientific experience that makes science classes more real and less bookish

Patient Tutor

I deal well with outstanding students looking for a boost and with students who really struggle to understand basic concepts, helping to motivate them and bring out their ``inner scientist``

Group Classes

Both online and offline groups are offered. This is an excellent way to gain a solid grounding with a lower cost and is less stressful for a busy student.