GCSE Science 9-1 Tuition with a difference


Taught by a tutor with 25 years science experience and up to 2000+ hours teaching GCSE Science

I enjoy teaching students and making them enthusiastic about science. Using real life examples and a conversational approach I try and engage students to help them “live” science rather than simply reading about it. That’s what I consider the essence of education, but I make sure to point out exactly what they need to know for the purpose of their exams. Keywords, phrasing and exam technique are incorporated throughout all lessons so we never lose sight of the final goal.

APRIL 2020


In the Excite! GCSE Science course we keep things simple. 40 minutes each of physics, chemistry and then biology. At the end of it you get a quick to-the-point quiz on exactly what you learned. This course is meant to supplement your existing classes so you get more out of it and really shine amongst your peers.